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About Us

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” - Psalm 127:1


We recognize that when a woman’s needs are unmet, they become barriers that keep her from healing, becoming whole, and transforming her life.  This is why a woman’s season at His House For Her provides education and support in the following areas:


His House for Her will be a 12-15 month supportive housing program for at-risk women in recovery. Program components include:

  • Education to heal and recover in the areas of Temperament Education, Addiction Recovery, Understanding Anger/Conflict Resolution, Self-Worth, Boundaries, Post-Abortive Healing (if needed), and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).
  • Education in the areas of basic life skills, proper self-care, parenting, budgeting and managing finances, time management, and goal setting.
  • Employment readiness, GED prep, post-secondary education, or vocational training.
  • Discipleship, church attendance, and Bible studies.
  • Healthy socialization, exercise, and nutritional planning.


We feel a dove symbolizes hope.

"When the dove returned to Noah with an olive leaf, Noah knew the waters were subsiding and new life was found." Genesis 8:11

We desire to instill hope in every woman we serve.


Our supportive-housing model is being created after ten years of experience walking beside women struggling to successfully:

  • reenter their communities after incarceration
  • recover from substance use disorders
  • leave harmful relationships
  • seek safe, affordable housing
  • seek adequate employment
  • work outpatient programs or case plans to reunify with their children
  • Nurturing support systems and healthy accountability partners that enable them to heal from their past and live independent and free in the present.
  • Safe, peaceful home environments that enable them to sleep well, eat healthy, think clearly, and strategically plan to meet their goals.
  • Dependable transportation when working outpatient programs or case plans for reunification.

Our goal is to empower our residents by:

  • providing strength-based relationships
  • trauma-informed case management services
  • a holistic environment

We will emphasize goal setting with an ongoing assessment and improvement process to help each woman identify her strengths which will build her confidence and allow her to effectively complete her out-patient programs or case plans to successfully reunify with her children.

We will serve women who are justice-involved and working through outpatient therapeutic programs, or case plans to be reunified with their children.
We can serve up to eight women at a time.

The ways to support are limitless. Whether it’s through your time, prayers, raising awareness, or financial giving, CLICK HERE to learn how you can get involved.

Community partners are extremely important. Our community can only thrive when we work together for the good of others. We will not be able to do what we do without community partners.

Staying true to our mission will allow for relationships with our residents, their service providers, and case managers to create the invaluable benefit of a unified team working together. This will equip our residents with strong parenting protective factors and improve upon their life choices while honoring them.


Helping women pursue Jesus and heal is our deepest passion. To encourage that pursuit, the guidelines of His House for Her will:

  • Include best practices
  • Establish a nurturing environment
  • Create a culture of belonging
  • Ensure safety
  • Promote love


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