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Our Name

Written by Founder : Renee Arnett


His House for Her has been inspired by my personal experience with Jesus. When I accepted him as my Savior at the age of 19, I had no idea what it looked like to be in a relationship with him.  I certainly didn’t understand his unconditional love for me.  In fact, it wasn’t until my late 30s that I had to totally rethink my faith because I realized it consisted of a list of dos and don’ts that I couldn’t keep no matter how hard I tried.  Although I was married to a wonderful man, had two wonderful daughters, and had everything that should have made me happy, I was miserable.  It was this realization that started me on a journey that helped me reduce faith to four concepts:

  1. I have always been loved by Jesus more than I could imagine
  2. I can trust that he is who he says he is in the Bible
  3. I can be actively aware of his presence in my life every day
  4. I can ask him to help me change any wrong perceptions of him or my life

You see, I had been looking at Jesus through the distorted lens of my disappointments with myself and others.  I had come to view Jesus the same way I viewed myself and others.  He was unmerciful, unforgiving, and only cared about his rules, and I couldn’t have been more wrong! In fact, I am extremely thankful to have so much proof of how wrong I was.

Helping women pursue Jesus and healing to learn what I have learned is my deepest passion.  The guidelines of His House for Her will include best practices, but also establish a nurturing environment of belonging, safety, and love that will encourage that pursuit.  My experience with Jesus assures me that this is what living in a house with him would be like, and this is what I want to share with women who need it the most.

"Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty."

Psalm 91:1


I love the 12 Steps!  After 10 years of doing my best to practice their principles in all my affairs I simply love them because they work.  They give me a clearly defined method to deal with anything when I feel out-of-control.  I am particularly fond of the way I was introduced to the steps through Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ.  I’m also particularly fond of the way that recovery program emphasizes that I am powerless without him.

Although I have held this dream of a nurturing, supportive home for women for at least 13 years, I admit that I am powerless to carry it out without Jesus.  I am not kind enough, loving enough, nor smart enough to pursue this dream without him for it is he who has been preparing me for this my whole life.

"To Jesus, I give all glory for any success we have as an organization in helping women heal and pursue the dreams that he has given them."

– Renee Arnett