a place to become whole

We believe women deserve a chance to triumph over trauma and a place to become whole.

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Meeting Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Needs

Our goal is to remove the physical, emotional, and spiritual barriers that keep a woman from healing and transforming her life.

Physical Needs

To help women focus on their long-term goals, we provide: safe, clean housing, a trauma-informed staff, and transportation for outpatient therapeutic appointments and employment.

We also teach basic life skills such as:

Keeping a planner
Household chores/laundry
Light exercise

To meet emotional needs and help women heal, we provide education in the following areas:

Trauma Education
Addiction Recovery
Relapse Prevention
Codependency Recovery
Healthy Boundaries
Post-abortion healing
Budgeting and After-care planning

Emotional Needs

Spiritual Needs

To encourage spiritual growth and heal their image of God we provide:

Christ-centered studies
Discipleship and prayer
Church attendance
Women’s Conferences

Meet Our Team

Learn more about our board and how to get in touch!

Why Our Name Matters

A name is a powerful thing. It not only identifies us, but it also tells the world who we are, what we do, and a little about how we do it. Why the name “His House for Her”?

Our Residence

Our Residence

Our Core Values

These principles guide our behavior and decision making.  They ensure we meet our goals effectively.


Believing everyone deserves kindness; our staff, volunteers, and residents are encouraged to treat everyone in friendly, generous, and considerate ways. Every effort will be made to do everything with kindness.


Accountability keeps us responsible and protects the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of staff volunteers, and residents. Questions are welcome and promote growth.


Service can be defined as helping others. It communicates love, care, and support. Staff, volunteers, and residents are encouraged to work together as a team by serving each other whenever possible.


Believing excellence communicates trust and safety, ongoing assessments of all aspects of our organization will be conducted to seek areas of improvement. His House for Her will always strive for excellence.


Unity makes a team unstoppable! Our residents deserve a unified team to help them achieve their physical, emotional, and spiritual goals. All concerns regarding unity will be explored carefully.

Community Partners

Thank you to our community partners for their continued support of His House for Her.