“We believe women deserve a chance to TRIUMPH over trauma and a PLACE TO BECOME WHOLE.”

Residential Program Overview

We are a 4 to 12 month supportive housing program for adult women who need to recover from trauma and/or addiction.

Month 1 to 4:  The first 4 months of a woman’s stay include all our trauma and recovery education, counseling services, recovery coaching, Celebrate Recovery, church attendance, and volunteer opportunities.  Upon the completion of her Care Plan, we celebrate her highlights and accomplishments with a graduation with her family, friends, and her new circle of support.  For our program curriculum, please visit our Outreach Classes.

After Month 4:  After graduation, a woman may choose to stay with us and pursue employment upon which she will begin to pay program fees.  During her extended stay, she will receive another Care Plan and may continue with any classes, groups, and therapy services that are needed.  She will also continue to receive recovery coaching as she begins to face “life on life’s terms” again.  She will have new triggers and circumstances to process with the tools she’s learned.  The benefit of this is remaining in a drug/alcohol free environment and fees are based on income.  Questions? Email

Outreach Services Overview

Women heal better TOGETHER!

After serving women for 2 years, we decided to expand our reach into the community and it has been well received.  Over and over we hear women share the tremendous benefit of processing together.

You no longer have to reside with us to benefit from our trauma and recovery education, recovery coaching, counseling services, and connection to medical services.

Consistent participation/attendance in at least one class or group is required for counseling services and connection to medical services.

Outreach classes are for ANY WOMAN in our community needing fellowship and healing!

See our outreach offerings below.