about us

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”
Psalm 127:1

why our name

What would it be like to actually live in a house with Jesus?

His House for Her has been inspired by my personal experience with Jesus. When I accepted him as my Savior at the age of 19, I had no idea what it looked like to be in a relationship with him. I certainly didn’t understand his unconditional love for me. In fact, it wasn’t until my late 30s that I had to totally rethink my faith because I realized it consisted of a list of dos and don’ts that I couldn’t keep no matter how hard I tried. Although I was married to a wonderful man, had two wonderful daughters, and had everything that should have made me happy, I was miserable. It was this realization that started me on a journey that helped me reduce faith to four concepts:

1. I have always been loved by Jesus more than I could imagine
2. I can trust that he is who he says he is in the Bible
3. I can be actively aware of his presence in my life every day
4. I can ask him to help me change any wrong perceptions of him or my life

You see, I had been looking at Jesus through the distorted lens of my disappointments with myself and others. I had come to view Jesus the same way I viewed myself and others. He was unmerciful, unforgiving, and only cared about his rules, and I couldn’t have been more wrong! In fact, I am extremely thankful to have so much proof of how wrong I was.

Helping women pursue Jesus and healing to learn what I have learned is my deepest passion. The guidelines of His House for Her include best practices, but also establish a nurturing environment of belonging, safety, and love that encourages that pursuit. My experience with Jesus assures me that this is what living in a house with him would be like, and this is what I want to share with women who need it the most.

giving credit

where credit is due

I love the 12 Steps! After 10 years of doing my best to practice their principles in all my affairs I simply love them because they work. They give me a clearly defined method to deal with anything when I feel out-of-control. I am particularly fond of the way I was introduced to the steps through Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ. I’m also particularly fond of the way that recovery program emphasizes that I am powerless without him.

Although I have held this dream of a nurturing, supportive home for women for at least 13 years, I admit that I am powerless to carry it out without Jesus. I am not kind enough, loving enough, nor smart enough to pursue this dream without him for it is he who has been preparing me for this my whole life.

“To Jesus, I give all glory for any success we have as an organization in helping women heal and pursue the dreams that he has given them.”

Renee Arnett

Founder and President of the Board

Frequently Asked Questions

Our supportive-housing model was created after ten years walking beside women struggling to successfully:

– reenter their communities after incarceration
– recover from substance use disorders
– leave harmful relationships
– seek safe, affordable housing
– seek adequate employment
– work outpatient programs or case plans to reunify with their children

– Nurturing support systems and healthy accountability partners that enable them to heal from their past and live independent and free in the present.
– Safe, peaceful home environments that enable them to sleep well, eat healthy, think clearly, and strategically plan to meet their goals.
– Dependable transportation when working outpatient programs or case plans for reunification.

We empower our residents by:

  • building relationships with them to earn their trust
  • teaching them to manage their needs in healthy ways
  • connecting them to counseling services
  • providing accountability for decisions and behaviors
  • make our services very affordable


We serve women trying to overcome trauma and/or addiction. They may or may not be justice-involved. They may or may not be working case plans to reunify with children.

We can serve up to six women at a time.

The ways to support are limitless. Whether it’s through your time, prayers, raising awareness, or financial giving, CLICK HERE to learn how you can get involved.

Community partners are extremely important. We cannot do what we do without them. Targeted case management allows us to fill gaps of need and build relationships with our residents’ treatment providers which gives them the invaluable benefit of a unified team working for their best outcomes.

Our Core Values

These principles guide our behavior and decision making.  They ensure we meet our goals effectively.


Believing everyone deserves kindness; our staff, volunteers, and residents are encouraged to treat everyone in friendly, generous, and considerate ways. Every effort will be made to do everything with kindness.


Accountability keeps us responsible and protects the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of staff volunteers, and residents. Questions are welcome and promote growth.


Service can be defined as helping others. It communicates love, care, and support. Staff, volunteers, and residents are encouraged to work together as a team by serving each other whenever possible.


Believing excellence communicates trust and safety, ongoing assessments of all aspects of our organization will be conducted to seek areas of improvement. His House for Her will always strive for excellence.


Unity makes a team unstoppable! Our residents deserve a unified team to help them achieve their physical, emotional, and spiritual goals. All concerns regarding unity will be explored carefully.

Community Partners

Thank you to our community partners for their continued support of His House for Her.